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For over 25 years, National BIM has been recognised for its dedication of leveraging the expertise and experience of its masterful team of AEC professionals. Ours is an end-to-end BIM solutions agency that is dedicated to helping the professionals in the world of construction to augment their building projects.

To do this, we leverage our professional skills to provide your building project with a 3D render of the physical and functional features of your project. In essence, we show you what your project will look like and what it will act like. This effectively allows you to pinpoint planning information and set visual expectations before the project begins, and even after its completion.

Our goal as a multidisciplinary team of seasoned architects, designers, engineers, developers, and AEC experts is to use our combined skills, expertise, and technology to help our partners revolutionize their construction projects. To this effect, we offer a wide range of BIM solutions that include: Industrial Design BIM, Architectural BIM, Structural BIM, Facade BIM, Clash Detection and Coordination, Steel Detailing, Revit Family Creation, Scan to BIM, As Built Modelling, and Revit Modelling services.

A part of our procedure is using our BIM services to assess design choices. That is, we use BIM models to help explore the viability of a proposed combination of services or functions. This allows us to determine how “buildable” and efficient your design is.

National BIM has been doing all of these for small and large AEC firms around the world since our inception in 1996, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.


In the AEC industry today, the level of technology you can leverage in your construction process may just be the difference between thriving and surviving. It may well mark the fine line that separates the biggest AEC companies from their inferior counterparts.

The world’s leading AEC and construction companies today utilize the most efficient technologies to help them stand at the apex of the world of construction. If you want to augment your construction company’s process, projects, and reputation, you must do the same thing that these top AEC companies are doing.

We understand this and have it at the base of our operations. That’s why we use state of the art technology to help our clients maximize their ROI on their construction projects.

National BIM Revolutionary Technology
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Achieve High-quality Project Results✔

Reduce Project Cost and Save Resources✔

Increase Construction Efficiency✔

Shorten Project Lifecycle✔

Improve Coordination and Communication✔

Gain More Prefabrication Opportunities✔